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House Guidelines

Please read carefully as this is an agreement between residents and Firm Foundations Sober Living Home.


Firm Foundations is NOT a housing community; we are a recovery–oriented community. Our philosophy is rooted in the 12 steps of recovery. We are here to encourage you through this life-saving, life-enriching process and to hold you accountable to the following rules and guidelines:

Violation or an inability to comply with the following rules is grounds for immediate discharge from Firm Foundations. Please note that if you are mandated by parole, probation or court and you are discharged for any reason that the incident will be reported immediately to the supervising officer. We will also notify the person you list as relative. No refunds are given under any circumstances.

Law Enforcement, Parole/Probation officers are granted access to house and info on all residents at anytime.

1. NO use of alcohol or any mind-altering and/or mood-changing drugs.

a. If you assist, or allow another resident to use (this includes informing managers in you are aware of another resident in violation) you will be immediately discharged from Firm Foundations.

2. All Doctor prescribed medication and all over-the-counter drugs MUST be approved.

a. Applications must clearly state any and all medication a person is taking and for what condition, in order to determine whether that person is eligible to be a resident at Firm Foundations.
b. Firm Foundations reserves the right to attend doctor appointments with residents and confirm ALL medical information with Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, etc., before and during residency at Firm Foundations.
c. All residents must check with House Manager before taking any medication including over the counter and supplements.
d. Residents may not use mouthwash, or any other product, unless it is alcohol-free.

3. Residents must submit to urine drug screens and/or breath tests upon request.

a. Refusal to submit to a drug screen and/or breath test will be considered an admission of using.
b. Once asked for a urine sample, you MUST produce it within 1 hour and you may not leave the eye sight of manager until results are finished.
c. The results of the drug test will be considered final. If resident insists test is incorrect then resident will be taken immediately to ER for a drug test. The test will be at the expense of resident and if positive the resident will not be allowed to re-enter.
d. If Firm Foundations suspects you are using or drinking, a positive urine result is not required for discharge.

4. Residents are not allowed to work in or go into any alcohol-serving or adult entertainment establishments while at Firm Foundations including, but not limited to bars, nightclubs or casinos. Any questionable establishment should be cleared with house manager.

5. If a resident relapses, she/he may be allowed back to Firm Foundations after two weeks, with careful consideration by management.

a. The period for re-entry and/or length of Phase 1 and 2 may be lengthened by management.

6. Residents will attend AA and/or NA meetings. If resident is employed (20 hours or more) they will attend a minimum of 7 meetings per week. If unemployed (or less than 20 hours) residents will attend a minimum of 10 meetings per week.

a. Number of meetings is not negotiable. Treatment/outpatient, church, sponsor meetings, counseling, etc., do not count as meetings.
b. Residents will attend 3 meetings chosen by Firm Foundations.
c. Residents must participate in the program of AA/NA, which means getting a home-group, a sponsor, commitments, and actively taking the 12 steps.
d. Residents must have meeting cards signed by house manager or chairperson running the meeting, immediately after the meeting has ended.
e. Proper meeting etiquette is required at all meetings. Cards will not be signed if resident is not in seat before meeting opens, leaves before final closing, uses phone or is disruptive in any manner.

7. Each resident is expected to be self-supporting and must contribute financially to the running of the Firm Foundations house. Payment of $250 fee is due on the 1st and the 15th of each month. If fee is not paid or is late, residents may be placed on Financial Probation, which includes:

a. Modified Phase I.
b. Providing manager with pay stub and a written budget/financial plan.
c. If resident is unable to pay, depending upon the individual situation/circumstances, you may be asked to leave Firm Foundations

8. Each resident is allowed to bring the equivalent of 2 large suitcases.

a. Residents are responsible for keeping their personal areas neat and clean, including nightstands, dressers, closets, under their bed, etc.
b. A resident’s clothing and personal belongings must be stored neatly at all times. All rooms are subject to random inspection for cleanliness and contraband. This includes drawers, closets, etc. Please be mindful that limited space means limited belongings.
c. Photos, posters etc. must be placed on each person’s billboard and are not allowed on walls.

9. Guests and visitors:

a. No visitors of the opposite sex are allowed in the house.
b. Adult visitors are only allowed at the invitation of a resident, must be approved by manager and can only be in the common areas of the house.
c. All visitors, including sponsors, are allowed from 10am and must leave by 10pm.
d. No overnight guest(s) are permitted in house.
e. Sponsors may meet with residents in approved rooms.
f. No resident or guest is ever permitted in another person’s bedroom.
g. If resident has children ongoing visitation guidelines will be determined by management. All visits must be approved by the manager and must take place in the common area of house or in the back yard.

10. No Resident may date or have romantic relations with any other resident who lives in the same house.

a. If resident is on probation or parole, he must get written permission to spend one on one time with any individual, outside of Firm Foundation, who is also on probation/parole.

11. No stealing, fighting, or threats of physical violence.

a. Derogatory slurs of any kind will not be tolerated.
b. Absolutely no pornographic or racial hate materials allowed .
c. No paraphernalia or weapons are allowed on Firm Foundation property at any time.
d. There is ZERO tolerance of a resident taking other resident’s food and a $50 fine will be charged for all violations.

12. No participation or involvement in any illegal activities.

a. This includes being in the presence of illegal activities.
b. Any and all incidents must be brought to the attention of management immediately.
c. All interaction with law enforcement must be brought to the attention of management immediately.

13. At Firm Foundations we practice the principle of being self-supporting, as such all Residents are required to work or attend school a minimum of 20 hours per week.

a. No Resident is allowed to work more than 40 hours per week.
b. Residents must supply Firm Foundations with work schedule as well as name of immediate supervisor, work phone number and address.
c. Curfew is not adjusted for work
d. Unemployed Residents must submit at least, but not limited to, 2 applications per day, during the week (Mon-Fri).
e. Upon approval daily treatment may qualify as “work.”

14. At Firm Foundations we believe in a lifestyle of service and “giving back,” as such we have occasional mandatory volunteer opportunities in the community.

15. At Firm Foundations we believe in participating in recovery events, as such there are 3 mandatory conferences per year.

a. Registration fee, lodging and travel for these conferences are paid for by Firm Foundations.
b. We will provide letters to residents for Probation Officers and employers, if needed, however it is the resident’s responsibility to get any necessary paperwork completed for trips.

16. Residents are required to adhere to curfew.
Sun – Thursday 11:00pm
Fri and Saturday 12:00am (midnight)

a. Adherence to curfew means signing in by times listed and remaining in house.
b. Residents must call house manager if an emergency arises and they are going to be late.
c. If resident is late a U/A and Breathalyzer will be given and the cost of tests will be charged to the resident and additional consequences may result depending upon the circumstances.

17. Quiet time is at 10:00 p.m. during the week (Sun-Thurs).

a. Quiet time is defined as respect of others while sleeping. Residents may read or watch television after quiet time, provided that other residents are not disturbed.
b. No use of washer and/or dryer after quiet time.
c. No cooking or coffee after 10 pm, however microwave may be used.

18. Mandatory Chores and Hygiene: Chores promote personal responsibility so paying or asking someone else to do your chores is NOT permitted. Failure to have chores completed will result in possible reduction of Phases and/or various other consequences.

a. Residents are required to have bed made, bedroom tidy and assigned chores completed and signed off on before leaving the premises for the day or by 9:30 am at the latest.
b. If resident has to be AT work before 7:00am, arrangements can be made to do your chores after work – however this must be approved by a manager.
c. Residents are required to tend to personal hygiene on a daily basis, this includes a daily bath or shower.
d. Bedding is to be washed every week and signed off on chart.
e. Residents may not sleep on top of comforter, on the couch or floor.
f. Deep Cleaning will be done monthly, on a Saturday or Sunday determined by managers. This includes a thorough cleaning of the entire house. Couches and chairs, etc. must be pulled out and cleaned behind. Ceiling fans, shelves, trim, appliances, etc. must be cleaned appropriately.
g. No eating or drinking (other than water) is permitted in any area other than kitchen and dining room. Food is not to be left on the counter. All food must be stored in refrigerator or cupboard.
h. Washer and dryer may only be run from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm. Loads must be medium to full loads. If any laundry is left in the machines for longer than 30 minutes it will be confiscated.
i. No resident shall change assigned bed or rearrange furniture without permission from the manager. No one is to bring in any furniture, or hang anything on walls without approval from Administrator.

19. Residents are required to sign out when they leave from the house and sign in immediately upon returning to the house.

20. No resident may borrow money from another resident.

a. No resident who is on Phase 1 may use another resident’s or nonresident’s phone. If a resident allows a Phase 1 to use phone or other electronics there will be a reduction in their phase.

21. All residents are responsible for their own medical condition.

a. Firm Foundations is not liable for any resident at any time.
b. In case of emergency managers will notify the authorities and be as helpful as possible but will not be responsible for resident’s condition or emergency/medical treatment.
c. Residents must inform management of all medical appointments in advance.
d. All prescription, over the counter medications and all supplements must be approved by manager and inspected before bringing them into house.

22. Any and all items left at Firm Foundations 30 days after a resident leaves Firm Foundations will be considered a donation. At no time is Firm Foundations responsible for resident’s belongings.

23. Firm Foundations does not provide transportation and residents are responsible for their own transportation.

a. No personal vehicles are to be driven without providing Firm Foundations with proof of a valid license, registration and proof of insurance on the vehicle to be driven.
b. Residents are not allowed to lend their vehicle to any other resident.
c. One vehicle per person is allowed on the property or street.
d. Vehicle must be in working condition or it will be towed at owner’s expense.
e. Everyone with a vehicle is expected to be of service and help other residents get to meetings; residents needing rides should ask 24 hours in advance and are expected to be of service in other ways and/or pay for gas.

24. No Resident should disclose any information about another resident or former resident to anyone outside the community (except parole/probation/law enforcement)

25. After 90 days in the house and on Phase 3 with good standing (current on rent, employed, meeting attendance, chores, etc.) a resident may be granted a 48 hour pass once every 30 days, or a 24 hour pass every 14 days

a. Resident must provide a written request by 4:30 pm before manager meeting prior to the requested pass
b. Resident must provide time and date of departure from house, return date and time, name, address and phone number of planned location.
c. Residents will be given a UA test upon return to the house.

26. No smoking or vaping in house at any time

a. Smoking and vaping are only permitted in the designated smoking areas.
b. No loitering (or sitting in cars) in front of house or in alley.

27. No TVs, space heaters, humidifiers, personal refrigerators, etc. are permitted

a. Do not touch thermostat at any time.

28. Firm Foundations may implement other rules or regulations on an individual or the Community as it deems necessary, and reserves the right to use our interpretation of these rules.

Probation Period

The probation period lasts for 30 days. It is divided into two phases.

PHASE I (first 14 days)

1. Resident is not allowed to leave premises without a senior house member (phase 2 or 3 resident).
2. Resident must list person they are with on the sign-out board.
3. Resident must provide manager with official work schedule.
4. Resident may work no more than 25 hours.
5. Residents will be allowed to report to work without being escorted and have 20 minutes grace period to go directly to work and directly return from work.

a. As circumstances warrant, the House Managers may make exceptions as they feel necessary. This is determined based on whether the request is a need or a want.

6. No visitors during Phase 1.

a. Firm Foundations makes exceptions for residents with children (all visits must be approved by the manager 24 hours in advance and must take place in the common area of house or in the back yard)

7. Until the day you start work, you are considered unemployed and must remain on job-search. A minimum of 2 job applications per day must be completed until resident is employed.
8. Cell phones and other electronics must be turned into manager and will be given to resident for one hour per day, to be used in the common areas.
9. Resident must have a job, a Home Group, commitment at Home Group, a sponsor and CDs must be halfway completed before moving on to Phase 2.

PHASE II (14-30 days)

1. Phone will be returned to resident
2. Resident may leave house unescorted for 2 hour periods of time with approval of manager.

a. Full name, phone number of anyone (outside of house) resident is with during 2 hours
b. No resident many spend time with anyone in active addiction/alcoholism.

3. Residents have 20 minutes grace period to get to work and return from work.

a. As circumstances warrant, the House Managers may make exceptions as they feel necessary. This is determined based on whether the request is a need or a want.

4. Resident may submit a written request to work up to 32 hours.
5. Resident must be in good standing on Phase II, all of CDs must be completed, fees paid, and meetings weekly with sponsor before moving on to Phase 3
* Management reserves the right to lengthen or place a resident back on Phase I or II at any time if deemed necessary for the sobriety and safety of the resident or house members as a whole.

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