Sober Home Jamestown - ND

The Problem

More than 23 million people in our country suffer from a serious alcohol or drug problem and millions more are in pain because of a spouse, child or friend who needs help.

The human and social costs of the disease are devastating tearing through families and destroying lives. People rarely find their way to Firm Foundations Sober Living by mistake and by the time an alcoholic or addict reaches us, they often feel life is over. Absolutely powerless, they are unable to stop drinking or using drugs.

Alcoholics and addicts are typically surrounded by people, places and things that fueled their addiction. They usually have complicated and messy lives. Finances and living conditions are often in disarray. Credit may have been completely destroyed and resources for safe sober places to stay may have all but vanished in the wake of their disease.

This is where Firm Foundations can help!!!

Friends and loved ones, while hoping for the addict’s sobriety, may privately wonder if it is even possible. The exhaustion of alcoholism and addiction overpowers everyone. The disease just wears you out. Lack of a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment can be a serious obstacle to recovery. Destructive living environments can derail recovery for even highly motivated individuals. 

Safe Structured Place To Enhance Your Recovery