Sober Home Jamestown - ND

The Program

At Firm Foundations Sober Living Homes, our residents learn that long term recovery is about finding new tools and practicing them in daily life.  It would be easy to promote the idea that this is a simple process, but it wouldn’t be honest.  The path we share with the people who live in Firm Foundations is based on the 12 Steps, successfully used in recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for the better part of a century.  In order to help achieve this goal, Firm Foundations has in house meetings as well as off-site trips to Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous.   

Time is needed to create a solid, long lasting recovery. At Firm Foundations we teach that true recovery requires rigorous honesty, taking personal responsibility for behavior and a commitment to helping others. Residents in each house learn to be supportive of each other in the difficult journey to a new life. The Firm Foundations homes are designed to create a sense of comfort and security that allows their clients to do the necessary physical, emotional and spiritual work that will bring about long term sobriety. A new life of new attitudes, new behaviors and new habits. The houses offer a warm, embracing, fully furnished place to live with a real sense of community and at a very affordable price.                                                                                         

Research shows that the 12 Step approach for alcoholism and addiction has been proven to be the most successful in producing long term results. Hundreds of thousands of once hopeless men and women around the world have stayed sober and gone on to embrace life with power, responsibility and courage. Daily attendance at 12-Step groups as well as utilizing spiritual teachers, workshops, retreats and seminars assist our residents.

For any person in recovery the terms unity, recovery and service are a part of everyday life. As we study, we learn the significance of these three elements and search for ways to implement these abstract ideas into our lives; to realize them. The 12 Step process involves and encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Recovery of the mind is a major aspect of addiction; the goal is not to stop, but to stay stopped and to be able to enjoy life on life’s terms. The Twelve Step path is a spiritual path, a spiritually based journey.

You cannot sell recovery.  Recovery, through the 12 steps, is and must always remain, completely free.  But you can create a safe space for recovery to take hold.  You can weed the soil, rid it of rock and sand, amend it with rich nutrients, feed it so that new roots can begin to take hold.  That’s what we do here every day, and there isn’t an alcoholic or addict on the planet who would stay sober if things didn’t get better.  What may seem impossible to you now has become a joyful reality for many, and it can be your future too.


The use of non-chemical coping skills, gainful employment, volunteering, education and action is the basis of our Philosophy.  The 12 Step (AA, NA, etc.) programs are heavily utilized and provide the crucial foundation for the recovery process. This positive and supportive structured environment is extremely conducive for recovery from alcoholism and chemical dependency.


Random urinalysis/breathalyzer of each resident is required as a condition of entering and remaining at Firm Foundations. Refusal or a failed test will result in immediate termination.


The residents are closely monitored for compliance with the rules, regulations and requirements of Firm Foundations. For a complete list of all rules and regulations please review the application.

Firm Foundations has a trained and qualified manager as well as an assistant manager, who are also in recovery. These managers report to the Administrator, and Director.

Court Referrals

Firm Foundations Sober Living accepts residents charged with drug and alcohol violations as part of alternative sentencing. Firm Foundations is inspected annually for Health, Safety and Quality Standards. Our management attends annual trainings provided by the National Sober Living Association.

Sober Living in Jamestown North Dakota