Sober Home Jamestown - ND

The Solution: Firm Foundation Sober Living Home

Fortunately, there is a solution. Firm Foundations Sober Living Homes


Our mission is to provide the greatest opportunity for individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction discover a new way of life by embracing a 12 step, spiritually-based solution. This is achieved by offering a safe, supportive, highly structured and accountable, sober living environment. 


Our vision is to help individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction get their lives back; a life they never imagined possible. To help them achieve life-long recovery and to live happy, joyous and free.

At Firm Foundations we provide an environment where people can apply the tools of recovery in a safe and stable environment in an effort for the individual to realize true freedom in sobriety.

The Firm Foundations message speaks to the power of recovery to change lives, that suffering can be eliminated and that life can be full of purpose and meaning.  The foundation of a new life in recovery is rigorous honesty, service to others and personal responsibility.  At Firm Foundations we freely share the tools and methods of our common success

  1. Physical sobriety
  2. Emotional sobriety
  3. Spiritual sobriety
  4. Living life sober one day at a time

Firm Foundations is designed to provide a much needed structured living environment for individuals who need to have strong guidelines for a disciplined life in order to regain and maintain sobriety. For a fraction of the cost of short intense therapy or treatments centers, residents in Firm Foundations can have enough time to learn or relearn the necessary life skills to live productively in today’s complex and demanding society.

Sober Home - Jamestown, ND - Firm Foundation
Sober Home – Jamestown, ND – Firm Foundation